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Boost your Real Estate business with Professional Video Marketing.

To help you grow your real estate business efficiently, we bring this easy-to-understand guide with all the in-depth knowledge and resource you need to boost your real estate video marketing. From creative video ideas to production hacks, we split it up for you to roll your cameras right away!

Cinematic Real Estate Video Tour Example | Hero Homes Mohali

Beautiful explainer video for real estate project in Mohali called Hero Homes, owned by Mr. Sunil Kant Munjal of Hero Enterprise.

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Facts About Real Estate Video Marketing

  • Statistics suggest that videos attract 3x traffic resulting in more leads for your business.
  • Real estate businesses that invest in video marketing tend to receive 5x inquiries than their video-less competitors.
  • Buyers and sellers trust and want to work with real estate agents who use real estate videos to showcase their properties.
  • Videos are an efficient tool to bring transparency and authenticity to your dealership.
  • Today, every home buyer considers watching videos as part of their homework to research the options available in the market.
  • More than 80% of homebuyers watch video virtual tours of properties to get ideas about architectural designs, interior decor, furniture, etc.

Therefore, there is enough evidence for your business to invest in real estate video marketing!

Real Estate Virtual Tour Video | Sushma Joynest Mohali

This is how we make explainer videos for our real estate clients, where in-depth knowledge is provided to the viewer along with site visit.

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Start your real estate video marketing campaign now!

Haven’t yet started using video marketing to boost your real estate business? Don’t worry, we’ll help you devise a concrete strategy that generates leads and traffic instantly.

Not sure about how to shoot a real estate video? Have absolutely no skills in film production and video editing? Relax. We are there to handhold you through your challenges by working step by step and creating world-class videos for your real estate business.

Make a compelling and self-explanatory video that makes your audience comfortable to call you right away and discuss their property needs. Our videos help buyers and sellers connect and build a long-lasting relationship between them.

real estate video marketing strategy chandigarh mohali panchkula

How to make your real estate video marketing phenomenal?

Let us start by sharing some important tips to help you make top-quality videos that fetch you a good number of leads in the long run. The best video marketing strategies in the world are made with an audience-centric approach, which means that the old wise saying of “Content is King” stands true. So to make amazing real estate marketing videos, you need to make sure that the content that you are sharing is worth every second that a viewer invests in watching your video. This is the single most tested technique to fetch you the maximum results in the minimum time.

Keep uploading fresh content consistently. The only way to make sure that your client finds you when he needs your services the most is to consistently post fresh content on your video marketing platforms. Being present at the right time with valuable information is very important to get the attention of your customer. So only those real estate agents who post regularly will be able to grab the customer’s attention at that time when he/he is ready to buy or sell their house. This means that even before they decide to find a real estate agent, your video needs to reach them. By posting content every day, you are not just ensuring your success, but are also giving the consumers a choice to contact you immediately, because you come across as active and ready to serve them.

Share relevant content only, but differently than others. This is a common mistake that real estate guys make. They simply try to copy others, going unnoticed in the process. A crucial step in finding potential customers is standing out from the crowd by making your real estate videos look cool and trendy while maintaining professional aesthetics. No matter how much money you spend on a real estate video, if it doesn’t stand out from the crowd, you cannot help but go unnoticed in the ever-growing number of real estate videos being uploaded every single hour today. Remember, it is not the camera that matters, but the conscious thought behind every shot. Even a simple video shot on your mobile can create a unique effect and get you a lot of leads if it is created with the right approach.

Sell with wisdom. How do you feel to interact with a friend who’s always trying to sell you something? Believe us when we say, “People don’t like videos that are all about selling.” So make sure that your videos are not just about selling, that there’s more to your business than that – there’s value and information, and guidance, for instance. It could simply be your humor or some personality trait that the viewers like to connect with on a personal level. It’s your personalized way of being different than others, wherein even though your purpose is to eventually sell, that does not come across as blatantly visible. As long as you’re reliable while sharing the information, and you seem to love what you do, people are going to love t see more of you, and that’s what’s going to make them call you when they are looking to buy or sell their property in the future.

Contain a Call-to-Action in every video. Now don’t confuse this with selling. It’s important to let people know how they could become your clients if they wish to, so giving them an option to reach you or subscribe to a newsletter are healthy ways of increasing your customer base and generating new leads. Be open, and guide your clients through the next steps to stay ahead of your competition.

Emotions matter. It’s important to give facts, but what’s more important is to spark those buying emotions. Remember, people make choices – in this case buying decisions – when they are emotionally charged. How human psychology then justifies decisions is a separate case study, but if you just give the hard facts without inspiring emotions in your viewers, then you may not have as many leads as otherwise. Hence, always try and spark the emotions first and then support them with your fact.

Plan your content in advance. Don’t just start sharing whatever comes to your mind without considering the time and events happening at the time. It is not going to work. Consider your audience’s tastes and preferences. Try to gauge what they would be doing when you share your content. Is the timing of your content apt? Would they even watch the video that you’re publishing on that given day during those hours? Is your content going to help them now? Building a dedicated following is like feeding a baby, if you don’t plan the ingredients, the health of your video marketing strategy may be at serious risk. On the other hand, proper scheduling of posts and managing a calendar would ensure that your ideas strike the jackpot at the right time giving you a spectacular advantage within moments of your post going live. As they say, strike when the iron is hot!

Induce Video SEO for higher rankings on search engines. Optimizing your videos is a superb way to increase organic search engine visibility, thereby boosting your success. It is impossible to achieve those golden rankings without proper Video SEO, and that includes keyword research, title optimization, and carefully crafted descriptions. Thumbnails must grab the attention of your viewer in the first look, and always encourage your viewers to share your content with an instant call-to-action option. Finally, provide your contact information too so that they know where and how to reach you when they need your services.

We hope that you liked our tips section on how to improve your real estate video marketing success. If you wish to discuss your real estate marketing strategy with us, please feel free to contact us now!

360 Virtual Tour Video of Real Estate Project | Ananta Aspire Zirakpur

We never compromise on the quality of the video, because our mission is to exceed our own expectations every single time.

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Creative Ideas For Your Real Estate Video Marketing Strategy 

The most difficult part is coming up with the ideas to create stunning real estate videos that sell. By adding these innovative ideas to your arsenal of real estate videos, you can create a highly engaging online community of dedicated audiences. These ideas are inspired by the finest video marketing strategies that are universal, so don’t hesitate to imbibe these tips into your real estate videos for guaranteed success.

Real Estate Short Videos

  • You may have plenty of properties to sell at any given time. So why focus on just one single property? Keep your major budget for the best properties, but also ensure that your other properties don’t get ignored. Whether it is through short videos or picture slideshows, try and make as many property videos as possible, so that none of your products are off the shelf.
  • Hire a professional to showcase your properties. Let them share all the valuable information through voice and emotions. Your videos need to generate leads, and having a sales star in your team is crucial here.
  • Display important information as text displayed on the screen. Details like location, price, dimensions, amenities, possession, and parking can be displayed or withheld depending on your preferences.
  • Keep the duration as little as possible, ideally between 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Time is a valuable commodity and nobody likes a video that provided lesser information compared to the time they invested in watching it.

Share your story with the world

What is the first thing you do in face-to-face interaction with a new customer? You introduce yourself. You tell them who you are, what you do, how long you have been in the business, and your major achievements. It could also be why you love what you’re doing – anthing that helps you build a personal connection with them. Why do you do this? Because you want people to know you persaonally, you want them to get familiar, get comfortable and friendly. Now, do you really want to wait until you meet them to become friends with them? No, right? This is where your personal branding comes into play. By seeing you and your team on video, your customers are able to understand you on a much deeper level tha otherwise. Meeting you then, is just a casual encounter. The trust has already been built because they know you already!

Client Testimonials

Never underestimate the value of real people talking about how they feel to have worked with you. Client testimonials are one of the surest ways to get new business easily – if they are in written form great, but if they are in video format, excellent! You can tell your new clients within seconds about the biggest benefits of working with you, and why not showcase all that goodwill you have earned in the market? Feel free to regularly post video testimonials on your social media, website portfolio and YouTube channel. You can even run paid ads on them if your clients allow you to do so. In fact, you can also build a whole playlist around Client Testimonials on your YouTube page.

Publish Live Videos Occasionally!

Live publishing offered by Facebook and YouTube offers real-time oportunity to create a genuine fan following on your pages through content that is personalized, subject-specific and at the same time authentic. Even the best organic reach you could achieve with Live Videos is phenomenal. Viewers love to visit platforms where they get easy access to knowledge and resources in the form of live videos and online events. The fact that live videos aren’t scripted makes them all the more exciting and personal. Yes, there may be imperfections initially, but then the chance to interact personally with your client is something that you just can’t afford to miss.

Best Social Media Strategies For Your Real Estate Business

Like any other industry, there are a few thumb rules while crafting the perfect social media strategy for your real estate business. Let us discuss those ideal conditions first and foremost.

Value the time of your audience. As a content creator, your number one responsibility is to deliver quality content in minimum time. Studies suggest that the ideal duration for a company video is less than 2 minutes. While real estate videos may get longer, having respect for your viewers time is a global phenomenon. Yet, there are a few exceptions. Live broadcasts should be longer than 10 minutes because it takes time for the audience to arrive. Facebook organic videos should be minimum 3 minutes long for better visibility on the platform.

What is the best time to post videos on social media? Highly debatable, but you can achieve an understanding with some experimentation here. Usually, the best time to post content on social media is early morning, mid afternoon, and late evenings. Weekends may be evry high or very low in engagement depending on your demographic and audience type. Nevertheless, you should post videos daily to for maximum success.